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Foundry of Podorozhnyj B. A. Bells and Handbells

Russian Orthodox Church, Diocese of Voronezh and Borisoglebsk (Central Russia, Russia). Official website
The foundry of Podorozhnyj B. A. offers casting of bells, wedding bells, ship’s bells and souvenir custom-made handbells with pictures of towns, sights, arms and other symbols, prayers and other texts. The customers of the foundry can order small series of bells, which can be designed according to their own sketches and can be timed to different holidays, anniversaries and memorable dates.
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Moscow Bell Centre

Russian Orthodox Church, Diocese of Moscow (Moscow City) (Moscow and Moscow region, Russia). Official website
Moscow Bell Centre has been acting since 1995 by His Holiness, Holy Patriarchy of Moscow and all Russia Aleksey’s II blessing, with the aim of preparing highly qualified bell ringers for Russian Orthodox Church. All wishing to study, primarily those recommended by temples and monasteries, are accepted. The period of studies is 3 months. The program consists of theoretical courses, as well as practical studies of church toll. An official certificate is given after finishing studies.
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Blagovest Bells. Promoting and Distributing Russian Church Bells and Orthodox Bellringing in America

Orthodox Church in America (North America, USA). Official website
A Company promoting and distributing bells, peals, and chimes, rendering bell related consulting and services. Marketing, consulting on, and sales of Orthodox bells mainly from Russian manufacturers. Liturgical, theological, historical, technical and other information on the bells and their use. Contact information. E-shop for videos and books. News. Photos.
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Chilandar Monastery. The Holy Mountain of Athos
Serbian Orthodox Church (Balkans, Greece). Official website
History and today of the Chilandar serbian orthodox monastery on the Holy Mountain of Athos. Sv. Sava. Icons, frescoes, scripts, miniatures, embroideries, publishing. Bells of Chilandar monastery.
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Categories: Monasteries of Serbian Orthodox Church
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Clopotarul. Church Bells
Orthodox Church of Moldova (South-West, Moldova). Official website
Price list, history, ringing bells mp3, company, magazine and contacts.
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